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Pioneering reuse for the
new circular economy 

that lower impact
reduce expenses   and better engage customers and community

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We build circular products

Using experience as pioneers in the reusable packaging space, Revolusation is part of a movement building the foundations for a new circular economy.

Our patented folding packaging designs,  duplicate the convenience of disposable, and offer enhanced functionality like increased product shelf-life, more robust content protection and a higher end-user experience. 

Our process is simple:  We take your current single-use packaging designs and re-engineer equal ease-of-use, and better functionality into multi-use versions, and then create the logistics system using already available pathways to keep them circulating. 

Our passion is working with brands big and small in a variety of industries including food & beverage, eCommerce, fresh and packed foods,  agricultural production, industrial manufacturing and others create reusable packaging systems that save $ and better preserve our planet.


Client projects:

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Sinclair, a food labeling company was on a mission to make their machines more environmentally friendly by producing less waste, especially with single-use plastics. 

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We started with Sinclair's  single-use industrial bag design, looked at the the use application and engineered a multi-use alternative.  

Sinclair's new reusable waste bag

is custom designed to fit their machinery, durable and easy to clean/sanitize and can

re-used 100's of times.



The new reusable bag solution allows Sinclair's customers to eliminate large amounts of single-use waste each month, lower the overall carbon footprint for the machine's operation, and as bonus, not have to continually buy single-use resulting in significant cost savings.


Our closed-loop reusable products significantly reduce waste, carbon emissions and primary resource consumption AND lower costs.

Netflix needed a solution to reduce plastics, better engage employees and the community and lower supply costs.  They asked for alternatives to disposable plastic bags used internally at their offices, studios and on-location. 


Looking at  the company's existing single-use option, we studied how the bags were being deployed, and observed the behaviors and patterns of the people using them.

Looking at past projects we borrowed a reusable bag design of ours that offered Netflix more capacity, stronger load carrying, better ease-of-use, and best of all 400+ uses, zero plastic waste, 25% lower costs, and more appreciative employees and community members. 


Boxed, a major ecommerce company delivering popular consumer products in bulk (think Costco, but by mail) goes through a lot cardboard each day. They wanted to find ways to reduce their primary resource usage footprint, lower their overall carbon score, and still offer the convenience and practically of the traditional single-use box.  

Mitch and Joey (a packaging engineer) studied the current fulfillment, shipping, return patterns for certain popular food products, along with the customer experience using Boxed branded singleuse
cardboard boxes.

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 6.37.46 PM.png

After coming up with several design options, we prototyped and began circulating the packaging within Boxed's order fulfillment and shipping pipelines, and as some would say most importantly, with their customers. 

With this testing data and feedback we iterated several more versions, tested again and arrived at a unique compartmentalized solution. We created the packaging management system for Boxed and worked with their shipping carriers to ensure smooth returns, and even provided for lost/damaged containers.

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 6.38.20 PM.png

All of Revolusation's custom reusable solutions are designed  be used within our Reusable-as-Service eco-system, and other circulation models as well.


Starbucks goes through a lot (and we mean A LOT) of single-use packaging every year. They knew this added up to a large carbon footprint in the packaging space. They asked us to begin to explore

concepts that would move their packaging from single-use, to multi-use, and provide a model for a complete closed loop use.

Starbucks asked us to begin with one specific single-use product, learn specific design requirements,  then research materials, and begin to design multi-use alternatives.


The research and testing phases involved learning and proving at multiple points of use for the product. Talking with the people that will use the product the most proved invaluable in creating design options.


We took the feedback and created design options for consideration. Each option had s unique features that focused on different aspects of the product's functionality. All of the options incorporated reusability, a Resuable-as-a-Service model, and provided zero-waste and an 80% carbon reduction when compared to their single-use alternative.

Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.03.36 PM.png
Custom solutions

Send us your current single-use product. We'll de-construct it, and then build a new product, customized for your exact use case in a multi-use alternative.  Our team takes a collaborative process approach working with you each step of the way to ensure the products work as you envision.  

Our team consists of  passionate and creative problem-solvers and thinkers who are eager to guide and inspire you and your company to move from single-use to reusable and better sustain our planet. 


We use a unique design and development process, that includes testing and market research, lots of end-user trials and behavior science to ensure high adoption and return rates.. Reach out and find out more how we can collaborate.

Add a service component to your reusable solution


Reusable-as-a-Service is our new innovative reusable packaging and product service model. Add in this service component and leave cleaning, sanitization, loss/damage, and inventory management to us!
Lean more about Reusable as a Service.

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