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We love eCommerce,

we don't love all of

the single-use packaging.

About Us:

We are a small group of local Santa Cruz, CA problem-solvers, designers and systems thinkers with a passion for sustainability, convenient and meaningful consumer products and packaging and smart and fun designs. We also want to share our passion and inspiration with others, letting the world know that multi-use sustainability and product design can go hand-in-hand. 

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple, take single-use packaging and product concepts and re-engineer them into multi-use solutions, providing an integrated and complete service program for their use.

Our Goals:

We want to help you become a resource efficient company.  Customer want to be good stewards of the planet, and many will pay extra knowing  they are doing good. Help your company transition  from a sustainable company to a restorative company. Meet our needs today without sacrificing the needs of the next generation. Making end-users feel good about their product choices, and companies smile with happy buyers.


Ideas that inspire us:

- On the despair over our degrading natural world: Apply Winston Churchill’s hope “ In casting up this dread balance sheet and contemplating our dangers with a disillusioned eye, I see great reason for intense vigilance and exertion, but none whatever for panic or despair”

- Mr. Walston and his co-authors go on to argue against the increasingly common view that these are the end times for life as we know it. Instead, they suggest that what the natural world is experiencing is a bottleneck — long, painful, undoubtedly frightening and likely to get worse in the short term — but with the forces of an eventual breakthrough and environmental recovery already gathering strength around us.    (Richard Connie, NY Times April 21, 2018)


- If the current trend of pollution continues, scientists predict that by the year 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish.That is an extraordinary prediction.

Now, more than 40 large companies in the UK have signed an agreement.

The aim: to eliminate single-use plastic or packaging that cannot be reused.

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