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Reducing costs,

eliminating waste

lowering carbon footprints

with circular & smart design

Our Design philosophy.. 


Our development and design philosophy takes the  traditional singe-use form and function, and re-engineers it to be mutli-use.


We focus our design lenses on products with convenience and ease-of-use equal to or better than the reusable product's single-use counterpart.


Each product is given it's own unique ID for tracking, inventory management and environmental impact reporting 


When possible we develop and design reusable solutions  that use recycled or repurposed materials and components in their construction. Reusability and the number of uses all depend on the use case and our goal is always to maximize this. We also design for end-of-life recycling and/or upcycling.


Safety and security are integrated to each design concept in order to provide the same or better assurances that single-use products provide.


We include the ability for all of our

multi-use  products to be  fully

cleanable and sanitiziable. 

Designing for full integration into a closed loop Reusable-as-a-Service model is another key component of our creation principles 


Complete customization including branding is also part of our process


We use a strong collaborative approach to all of our design, manufacturing and service projects. Our goal is to be your guide,  companion and support during the design and build process,  as well as after the final products are  delivered.  

Let us design with you for a more sustainable world.

Share your vision with us:

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