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Focusing on ease-of-use,

great design

and full service.

The time is now for Reusable-as-a-Service

Based on the popular SaaS (Software as a Service) product and service models in the technology industry, our revolutionary new RaaS model will take care of ALL your company's shipping package needs, while lowering your shipping package expenses reducing your environmental footprint by up to 80% when compared to single-use, and further engaging and delighting your end users, employees and shareholders.

Data, tracking and impact performance are all important components to any closed loop reusable model. Each product that we develop and manufacture comes with it's own unique ID (bar code, QR code or RFID) and the ability to monitor inventory, track movement and generate data around the products environmental footprint and impact. 

How it works:


We will design, test, manufacture and brand your reusable products and design an integration into your processing/fulfillment centers. We also provide the option of adding on our Reusable-as-a-Service model which takes care of the complete management of your reusable products for you. We even will take back your reusable products at the end of their lifespan and either recycle or upcycle them.  

Our standard Reusable-as-a-service model includes:

           1.  Cleaning and sanitizing

           2.  Loss/damage and replacement

           3.  Inventory management, tracking, and other data points

           4.  Quarterly environmental impact reporting

           5.  Operations and logistics Integration and support 

           6.  Incentive program that increase returns and brand loyalty

Using our custom RaaS modeling tool, we  can calculate your overall cost savings by switching from single-use to multi-use and also provide this and more data.

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